Why a Blog on Volunteering

Maybe you stumbled upon this page and thought, “why would someone write a blog on volunteering?  That’s so dull – so yesterday.”  Hmm, if you were asked to name the most famous volunteers of all time could you?  Surprisingly you may not be able to.  And therein lies the rub, are we taking our volunteers for granted.  Why should we care about volunteers?  Who even wants to volunteer or has the time to do so these days?

Over the course of the next nine blog posts we will together look a little bit closer at the status of volunteering in Canada.  How can Canadians volunteer?  Why do they volunteer?  What’s in it for me?  We will also look a bit at the larger picture, is volunteering in Canada under-resourced and if so to what extent.  Is volunteering in peril and who is watching.

In the meantime, can you name a famous Canadian volunteer?  See you in the next post.  Signing off, all for one and all 4 volunteering.

Can you name this famous volunteer? Hint he isn’t Canadian

Clip Art by Phillip Martin


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