Coming to a Canada near you?

In honour of Canada Day this week, here is one thing on my wishlist for Canada – The Taproot Foundation.  What the heck is The Taproot Foundation you say?  Yes, it has nothing to do with dancing.


The Taproot Foundation

The concept behind this organization is so brilliant and common sensical you two will wonder why it hasn’t arrived in Canada.  Basically they match up skilled volunteers who volunteer their skills (eek – who taught that girl grammar) pro-bono to build the capacity of non-profit organizations.

Now if you live in Toronto Endeavour Consulting does this in a smaller way.  But no one does it on a systemic nation-wide manner in Canada like Taproot does in the  U.S.

We’ll return to this idea next week when we return to focus on the state of volunteering in Canada.

What do you think of this idea?  A no-brainer or ….Let us know!



One thought on “Coming to a Canada near you?

  1. An organization that serves as a matchmaker between volunteers and non-profits is a great idea. When I first started looking to volunteer, I signed up with organizations that interested me, only to learn that they didn’t have any roles available that would enable me to put my skills to work. I bet many other people have been turned off volunteering for similar reasons.


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