Individual Acts of Activism

Pledge once a week to do an individual (or group) act of + activism.


Feeling a bit cynical these days?  Wondering why no one seems to see a problem and do something about it?  I hear ya.  That’s why this week starts my pledge to do a little act of activism every week.


Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Yet immediately excuses come to mind.  Oh, I’d clean up that stack of garbage by the pond but I want someone to come with me.  Or who would pick up the garbage bags (we are limited to a two garbage bag pick up in my region)?  The excuses pile up.  Ha! suddenly I’m not so cynical when I have to take responsibility for my actions and  do something to make the world a better place.  You can too!  In fact I invite you to take this pledge with me.

This week is actually a pretty easy act of individual activism.  I’m going to blog about how to find acts of activism (or how to volunteer – not one and the same of course).

See you soon.

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