+ Act of Activism 1 – Connect to Volunteering

When you volunteer you definitely commit to a positive act of activism.  How can you find volunteer opportunities that fit you?

Some core search sites are Charity Village, Spark Ontario, kijiji (good ole kijiji), Idealist.org, Goodwork.ca and your local volunteer centre (sorry I’ve just linked to Ontario volunteer centres here but they exist across the country).

Follow organizations you’re interested in on Facebook and Twitter – but keep in mind not all non-profits yet post their volunteer opportunities on social media.  Check to see if they have an event coming up.

Events are great entry points to volunteering (and a small commitment).  If your volunteer centre doesn’t list upcoming volunteer events try searching the community events in the news or smaller papers (like Snap or Now).  For instance by searching Snapd KW I find June 16 the Canadian Cancer Society is hosting Relay For Life.  Then I can click through the Snapd links to sign up directly for a volunteer shift online .

If you’re totally keen and a bit ambitious, start a volunteer club on meetup.  (Or mayve someone in your community already thought of this and you can find a volunteer club on meetup in your community).

If you’re unattached start a single volunteer club on meetup.  For instance check out Singles Volunteer Calgary.  Or a family volunteer club, etc.


Got other great ideas for finding events to volunteer at? Share them here.

Next week is week two of individual acts of activism – and it includes meetings.  Hmm can meetings be acts of activism? We’ll see…




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