+ Act of Activism 2 – Meetings?

You may see the word “meeting” and cringe.  Perhaps you think meetings as traditionally boring, mindless, as the direct opposite of activism – action, movement.  But this week I attended one meetings that couldn’t be categorized as per above, and maybe to be perfectly honest they were more in the way of events than meetings.

The first was KW Awesome.  Check and see if you have an Awesome group in your city – I know the city of London had one in the past, not sure about elsewhere.  Anyway these Awesome groups are well, awesome.  Each meeting there are pitches to “trustees” to fund their idea.  Trustees are regular members of the community such as you and I who pitch in $100 each so the winning group walks away with $1000.  This is a fun event to support because you hear great new ideas and concepts percolating in your community – there was an Africa camp pitch, an arts festival pitch and more.


Next small act of activism (notice how they don’t have to be big) besides buying a local magazine at a second hand bookstore (nice!) was attending an event I thought was to be a meeting but was really an event.  Tomorrow, June 5th, is World Environment Day.   Bet ya didn’t know that.  Anyway in celebration of this some of our local environment groups congregated together today to update, inform, inspire, etc.  And good on the city of Kitchener a staffer was there to discuss the urban forest plan.  Note to the City of Waterloo, this might be a good bus for you to get on (apparently they don’t have one).  Anyway my little act of positive activism was giving some feedback and input on it.  If you live in the City of Kitchener here is more information on urban forestry and the current strategy.



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