Do Good Challenge continues

shopThis week I was preparing to move and realized I had a few purchases to make.  Yes I looked at these purchases and first asked if I really needed them (I did).  Then Iset out to buy  – and decided this could be my do good activity of the week. Michael Hobbes in this Huffington Post article, The Myth of the Ethical Shopper argues ethical shopping is not the way to make companies change unethical practices.  Nonetheless, I decided to make my purchases ethically.  Now it seems there’s no ethical chart rating website for Canadian stores (bummer!) so you have to do some research yourself.  In the end I went with local, non-big box stores for my purchases, and looked in 2nd hand shops first – reduce, reuse, recycle before buying.

I felt better about my purchases and ended up saving a bit of money by my attempts to be ethical.

If you’d like to read more on the topic here is the World Vision report on ethical shopping.

Also you can apparently look up what you want to buy and find healthier choices here;  Personally I still believe smart consumption can positively impact our environment and workplace so I’ll continue to do so.





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